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Dawes Construction Ltd is a small building construction company, established in
early 2002.

We are a Registered Master builders based at Riversdale Beach, servicing the Wairarapa district. Our work has taken us all over the Wairarapa, from building a new home in Eketahuna to a cantilevered car deck at Ngawi, Cape Palliser.

We also offer a complete project management service of which we have a dedicated team of sub-contractors who help make your dream or idea for a project happen.

We employ qualified tradesmen who are passionate about their work, from repairing a window to light commercial construction with detailed quality home construction specially.

Give us a call at Dawes Construction to discuss your next construction project.

Marty Dawes

marty dawes

Marty Dawes is born and bred in the Wairarapa.
He did his carpentry apprenticeship in Masterton and has been working in the building trade for over 25 years.

Building or renovating is not cheap and can be stressful .
We could have a list of people and their thoughts on us but you won’t find them on this site .The best thing is to talk to them (Feel free to contact us for list of references)

We can try and make things sound all pretty and nice but we are real and so is the hard earnt currency. You may be considering investing in our services…. So when it comes to building, we keep it real.


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